Dugong Island Ēš
Titanium Bioball Ēš
The energy self-supplied type sewage and waste water treatment equipment Ēš
Titanium Bioball is a product made utilizing the patented technology of water treatment system using
titanium biofilmball. It increases the efficiency of water treatment using titanium and the oxidation of air.
Oxidation by titanium occurs only on the surface of titanium without persistency, having no effect on microorganisms.
Removing organisms in lakes and reservoirs, decomposing/removing pollutants due to point pollution
source and nonpoint pollution source in rivers, the remaining pollutants in the post-treatment process
of waster treating system, and the pollutants in the reservoirs of water supply facilities.
Existing waster water treatment plants, water-collecting tanks, aeration tanks, settling tanks, and discharge waterways.