Dugong Island Actual installation Ēš
  Top layer for plant growing, bottom layer for aquarium
* Easy care : No need for water change for a long period
The air-cleaning indoor gardens and fountains decompose pollutants with microorganisms and thus
can stably keep the water quality without changing water for a long period. The products were tested for
removing capability of harmful gasses using biofilms and, as a result, found to have excellent effects in
removing formaldehyde, which is the main culprit of sick house syndrome, VOCs, and bad odors (up to 90%). Further more, the products also have the effect of blocking electromagnetic waves. Thanks to those distinguished functions and capabilities, the products won a gold medal in the 33rd International Invention Fair in Geneva.
  1. Humidifier function : Keep proper indoor humidity through continuous circulation of water and the contact between water and the air.
2. Easy care : No need for water change for a long period.
3. Natural design : Aesthetic design with natural concept applying images of waterfalls, sand, and plants.
4. Air-cleaning function : When placed at offices, the products can help improve mental and physical health with aesthetic design and air-cleaning effect.