Dugong Island Actual installation Ēš
1. Need Blower
2. It is discomposed easily inaeration tank
under non-operation while windless or after
1. No Blower
2. No damage of bio-film under non-operation.
  Existing System  YAN System Standard Features
Required Site &
Large Scale Medium &
Small Scale

-Initial installation cost cut down 20~30% compared with existing system, due to higher stories structure in accordance with multi-layered
-Useful, in particular small countries like Korea

Expansion Facilities Difficult Easy

Downscale facilities

Blower Need No need

- Cut down on 30% power consumption, because there is no blower
-Energy saving system of waste water treatment useful to energy crisis

Generated Sludge Volume Irregular Reduction

According to co-exist biodiversity, it is effective to remove organism rapidly

Chemical Treatment Need No need

Clean effluence

Impulsive Load Low High

Improve water-purity control stably, because there is lots of microorganism in the air

Standardization &
Impossible Possible

Easy to supply facilities to domestic or overseas

Consumption of
Immoderation 20~30% Reduction

Promote energy efficiency, due to oxidize in the air