Sinec its foundation in 1989, Segi Solar Environment Great Innovation Co,. Ltd. (SEGI) has primarily focused on environmental business and finally invented the water disposal plant.

Chinese king Woo become the Emperor by well treating the water of Hwangha. People still build shrines to respect him. I have been studying water and Energy for 40 years to find the ways to benefit people.
Chinese friends who recomize my effort and contribution gave me the name of “Master Yang”, for I am doing works to control wter and energy of the world, which suits the name of “Master Yang”.
We connot solve the problem of climate change by Fechonology.
To solve the climate change problem techonology should combine art and culture. Before I draw a picture on paper. But nowadays I draw a picture on water by Dugong Island.
Still I am not Master Yang, but I will do my best to become Master Yang.
Dr. yang.